Tips on How to Choosing A Mop for Pet Messes


Pets like dogs and cats offer great companionship, but accommodating them is not always rosy. If not well trained, they can cause a lot of messy incidents in the house. They can roll on the carpet and leave a lot of furs or step outside then come back with dirty paws.

Their presence requires extra attention when it comes to cleanliness in your home. You will have to keep checking around to avoid bad smell from spreading to the entire house. Mops are essential since they will assist you in clearing up these messes. However, for the case of pets, below are considerations to help you choose the most effective mop for pet messes.


How to Choose A Mop for Pet Messes

mop for pet messes

Pets come with different types of messes, and one of the most annoying is doing their business in the house. If you do not notice the waste within a short period, it will start smelling and later drying up.

The kind of steam mop you select for this type of dirt should be able to produce steam that is extremely hot and highly pressurized. The heat is necessary to help in wetting the mess up quickly and then wiping it off the floor. Furthermore, it should have scented microfiber pads, which will eliminate the initial lousy odor.

Pet messes dry up quickly, and if left unattended to, they stick on the floor while further leaving a bad stain. The best steam mop to deal with this issue should come with an extra attachment on it to help you scrub off the mess and then lift it off the floor for disposal. If you decide to steam directly on it, you will form a bigger mess hence taking more time to complete the job. The scrubber like item will give you a comfortable time since it does half of the work.

cleaning pet messes

Most pets will try and hide when messing up. The waste can land on corners, which will be hard for your ordinary mop to access. Therefore, when selecting a mop, consider a design that has a unique angle at the mop head. The best choice should come with a detachable mop head that you can efficiently operate using your hands. The mop head which can reach any corner is a triangular-shaped one.

Lastly, the most crucial consideration is the type of flooring material in your home. Steam mops come in different designs to suit various types of floors.

Considering this aspect will help you prevent damaging your floors by using a mop that is too hard or, in other instances, under cleaning by using a mop that is too soft. Also, steam tends to damage floors if they have no seal; therefore, ensure you are fully conversant about the type and design in your home.



If you put all the factors above into consideration, you will surely get the right choice of the steam mop to clean your pet’s messes. The pricing factor will vary depending on the seller and the functionality. Outlining your preferences and needs will help to guide you further into the deciding within a short time.