What De-Shedding Tools Are The Best?

There are a lot of different de-shedding tools you could consider as a cat owner. There are certain things that you will need to look at to find the best one. In this article, we will go over how to tell which de-shedding tool would be most suitable for your cat.

Finding The Best De-Shedding Tools:

cat deshedding tools

1. Use A Glove

If your cat isn’t necessarily thrilled at the idea of you using a brush or comb, you could always opt for a glove. A glove will give them an experience they are familiar with. This will help you make them as comfortable as possible while you are de-shedding them because you will be ‘petting’ them. There are gloves that feature silicone tips which can help you brush away all of the loose hair and other things. Using a glove can make the de-shedding process as familiar and comfortable as possible for your cat which can keep them from getting timid or upset. Best of all, these gloves can be very easy to use and clean.

2. Brush

You can find brushes made up of various materials which can make it very easy to de-shed your cat. Whether you look for a brush with bristles or a silicone style brush, you can get a lot of good results with either. You want to find a brush that your cat is comfortable with. This might involve some trial and error. If your cat has a lot of dandruff, you might want to opt for a brush made with boars head bristles.

3. Specially Designed Tools

There are also specially designed de-shedding tools that will allow you to de-shed your cat with ease. Best of all, these tools are designed to get the fur that is trapped in your cat’s undercoat. Therefore, you will be able to remove all of the loose furs no matter whether it’s on the surface or not. This can make it much easier and more effective to de-shed your cat’s coat.

using deshedding tools


There are a lot of different tools that you can use to de-shed your cat. Finding the right one is all about finding which one works the best and which one your cat is most comfortable with. Some cats might be apprehensive about having a de-shedding tool used on them. For those, you might want to stick with something like a glove.

That way, you can ease them into it and it will put them in a much more comfortable state. After all, you will be simulating petting them which they are already comfortable with. However, if your cat sheds a lot and they will allow it, you should try to get a specially designed de-shedding tool.